How Can I Get Him

Mesmerizing Messages

It is possible to get that man who is stubborn. The man who seems not to give you all the attention you crave for; the man who is not keen to notice your style and dressing can be running after you all day with texts and calls. You just need to learn the tricks of communication. Sending as little as three texts can ignite that man and lead him your way. It is about stimulating emotions with words. Magic words not only work with women; men can also be triggered with words.  It is a biological need that needs to be fulfilled by women. The best way to describe such words is mesmerizing words; they work against the man’s ego and make him crave for you.


If you wonder why your man crush is never noticing you, you are the reason. You no longer have to wait for the man to make the first move. The world has changed; women no longer have to wait. If the man is slow and you are sure he is the right guy, make the first move. It takes great courage to face a man on such issues but luckily we have a phone. Online communication makes it easy to get to someone’s mind, especially a man. Sending a well-structured text can make a huge impact.

Men also have emotions; while it is not the same reaction with women, men also relate with words. Women should learn the art of words and make magic work through text messages. The mind relates to the heart; if you can access a man’s mind, you can access his heart. I know of the notion of the way to a man’s heart is through the stomach but it cannot be one way only. Am introducing to you a tried and tested technique, which is effective irrespective of age or personality of the man.

Just like women, not all men have the same level of emotions. Take some time to understand what your crush or shy prospective feels. There must be a soft spot; find out a specific time of the night or day to send the magical words. There is no standard to wooing a man; it is about understanding their perspectives in life and when their emotions can easily be accessed. It might take time to evaluate the character and perspectives of the man but once you have a grip on these you will be good to go.

While some interpret this as playing with emotions, it is an art. It is a skill; some women might be born with it while others can learn it to get the men they need. The interesting thing about this skill is you don’t chase but make the man chase after you.

Mesmerizing Messages

Learning how the masculine brain works is an important part of capturing their attention. This can be the best part of a relationship if you are serious about ensuring you are on the same page with your man. Mesmerizing messages have a direct impact on brain activity, and will quickly influence their decisions. There are many testimonials to this effect too. You will not be the first to experience the magic and power of the words. It is the most natural way to influence the mind without much effort and stressful activities. The response from the recipients is often overwhelmingly positive.

How the magic works

The texts are specifically designed to influence your brain activity by evoking a release of a hormone responsible for making them realize they are in love. The result is a deep uncontrollable affection from the recipient. This means the impact is beyond the physical and the recipient will not know what is going on within them to counter or control it. The changes in biological functions with the conception of these ideas is amazing. It is still considered a magical act thanks to how fast it works. The rate at which the texts bring an impact to the person is unbelievable. The best part is it has a great impact on a wide range of cultures and age differences alike. Every man who understands the language and focuses on the content in the text is bound to fall, victim

Is it trickery?

Some people would feel cheated. However, if the texts help resolve major issues and delicate relationships to re-unite wrangling lovers, it is worth a try. It is common for some desperate women to choose to trick men into falling in love with them. Even so, since the bodily functions are influenced, true commitment is evoked hence a trusted method of nurturing relationships. Depending on how you want to view it or, which side of the argument you are; your decision will be influenced.

The Bottom Line

Online activity has more influence on our actions than we can imagine. Some of the effects are not believable even to those who are frequently involved. You can no longer ignore the power of online messaging. Texting is one of the most favorite online activities, which influences the users with a great impact. According to statistics, more young people are relying more on texting with at least 18 years of online time every day. Although it is not easy to accept that you fell in love with a person because of a simple series of texts. More people have found it useful and resolved their relationships easily. Hopefully, more people will use it positively in the long run.